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gray epoxy coating in commercial business

Epoxy Nashville, TN

Benefits of Residential Epoxy Flooring If you need to seal concrete surfaces or upgrade outdated flooring, residential epoxy flooring is an excellent option. Epoxy flooring for homes makes your property have a great look. Most homeowners opt for epoxy floor coatings because they protect the floor against harsh impacts and

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Does My Concrete Need To Be Sealed?

Why have your aggregate sealed? Sealing your aggregate is important to improve its lifetime wear performance and appearance. Ideally, exposed aggregate should be sealed as soon as curing is complete and again every few years to maintain the quality. ​ Sealers, typically film forming acrylic sealers are used to help

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smoky gray epoxy basement flooring

How To Add Value To Your Home With Epoxy Flooring

Like other parts of the house or company establishment, the floor’s appearance and condition also contribute to a property’s value. However, while this is common knowledge, not everyone knows how to maintain their floor, like realizing the best coating to use. Thus, if you’re looking to put up your property

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How to Prep Your Garage Floor for A Job, Step by Step

The epoxy floor is an important component of your garage. It provides a hard, durable surface that will resist the abuse of tires and other automotive equipment. The epoxy coating also protects against water damage and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. If you’re planning on epoxying your

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