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How To Enhance Your Driveway

There are more options than ever for sealant and we provide stamped sealed concrete services to enhance your home or commercial property. A sealed walkway and sidewalk will transform the appearance of your property and can increase property value. Many options are available for color and pattern to create a

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Restaurant Flooring With Epoxy!

A clean restaurant is one of the main things diners consider when eating out. Cleanliness is usually associated with clean and delicious food. This is why having the right kind of coating for your floor is important. Epoxy restaurant floor coating resists stains, which is why it is often used

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Garage Epoxy Floor Company

3 Reasons To Get Garage Flooring

Epoxy floor coatings improve visibility and safety in your room. The shiny surface of epoxy reflects lights, thus improving the illumination of your space. Epoxy flooring reduces the risks of unexpected slip and fall injuries. Many homeowners often wonder if their decision for a newly installed floor is best for

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Epoxy Floor Coating

Get Your Garage Ready For Winter!

Do you want a garage floor that’s perfect for any design idea? We have hundreds of colors and textures to choose from, so there are no limitations on what type or style your new floors can be. You’ll love the way our work looks from start until the end. With

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Best Epoxy Garage Floor Companies

8 Benefits of Building with a Cement Epoxy Floor

A cement epoxy floor is exactly what it sounds like! It’s an epoxy floor that is made from cement. Building with a cement epoxy floor is easy to do and it’s something anyone can do themselves. When you build with a cement epoxy floor, you’ll have access to all of the

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Concrete Coatings Comes To Brentwood!

Homeowners of Brentwood TN! You know that concrete is a key material in any home. It’s used for everything from the foundation to the driveway. While concrete is strong and durable, it can also be susceptible to water damage and staining if not properly sealed. Fortunately, there are plenty of sealant

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Why Concrete Coatings Nashville?

Here at Concrete Coatings, we turn unappealing into dreamy. From the first time you call until the last square inch is installed, you will receive superior floor coating service from our professionals. You are our priority and our dedication to providing you with top-quality service will leave you satisfied. In

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Why Have Your Aggregate Sealed?

Exposed aggregate should be sealed as soon as curing is complete and again every few years to maintain its quality. The longer it stays open, the quicker wear will occur which leads directly back into popping up more often than you would like! Sealers, typically film-forming acrylic sealers are used

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The Benefits of Your New School Flooring

The Benefits of Your New School Flooring Even though our professionals will provide high-quality installation of your flooring, students may not notice the skid resistance or the pathogen protection provided on the antimicrobial floor’s resin in the bathroom. There are many other benefits that make new school flooring great to

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How Long Will My Epoxy Garage Floor Last?

In this article we are covering frequently asked question “how long does epoxy garage floor last?”. Epoxy garage floors can last for more than a decade with minimal upkeep. In fact, your flooring holds up better to daily traffic than do traditional concrete floors and can be fixed in the

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