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sealing in nashville

Why Have Your Aggregate Sealed?

Exposed aggregate should be sealed as soon as curing is complete and again every few years to maintain its quality. The longer it stays open, the quicker wear will occur which leads directly back into popping up more often than you would like! Sealers, typically film-forming acrylic sealers are used

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The Benefits of Your New School Flooring

The Benefits of Your New School Flooring Even though our professionals will provide high-quality installation of your flooring, students may not notice the skid resistance or the pathogen protection provided on the antimicrobial floor’s resin in the bathroom. There are many other benefits that make new school flooring great to

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garage floor for epoxy

How Long Will My Epoxy Garage Floor Last?

In this article we are covering frequently asked question “how long does epoxy garage floor last?”. Epoxy garage floors can last for more than a decade with minimal upkeep. In fact, your flooring holds up better to daily traffic than do traditional concrete floors and can be fixed in the

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Prepping Your Garage For Epoxy!

1. Clean the Surface To install epoxy on garage floor, you’ll first need to clean it. Simply wash away dirt using warm water mixed with liquid dishwashing detergent. As a safety note, epoxies are highly flammable so you should never use a power washer or similar equipment to clean the

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Best Epoxy Garage Floor Company

What Is Garage Flooring?

If you need to seal concrete surfaces or upgrade outdated flooring, residential epoxy flooring is an excellent option. Epoxy flooring for homes makes your property have a great look. Most homeowners opt for epoxy floor coatings because they protect the floor against harsh impacts and preserve concrete surfaces. According to research, epoxy

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Make the Luxury of Your Restaurant Unbeatable With Epoxy!

A clean restaurant is one of the main things diners consider when eating out. Cleanliness is usually associated with clean and delicious food. This is why having the right kind of coating for your floor is important. Epoxy restaurant floor coating resists stains, which is why it is often used

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How To Add Shine To Your Driveway!

Here at Concrete Coatings Nashville, we turn unappealing into dreamy. From the first time you call until the last square inch is installed, you will receive superior service from our professionals. You are our priority and our dedication to providing you with top-quality service will leave you satisfied. Why have

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Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy Flooring Goodlettsville, TN

Homeowners of Goodlettsville looking to protect their investment should consider epoxy garage floors, which are tough and durable. Unlike traditional concrete ones, these can withstand heavy traffic without any effects on quality of life or appearance; they’re also resistant to spills so you don’t have to fear tracking dirty liquids

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Best Sealers In Nashville, TN

If you’re a homeowner in Nashville, TN, then you know that concrete is a key material in any home. It’s used for everything from the foundation to the driveway. While concrete is strong and durable, it can also be susceptible to water damage and staining if not properly sealed. Fortunately,

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epoxy flooring contractors

What Kinds Of Epoxy Flooring Can I Choose From?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to flooring, and each homeowner has their own preferences. If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting solution that can be customized to your specific needs, epoxy flooring might be the right choice for you. Epoxy is a polymer that is applied

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